Thursday, November 09, 2006

Words of Art

I've been blogging online for around 4 years now. Prior to that, on and off since the age of 14, I kept an old fashioned diary - the pen to paper kind. My other online blog covers everything from depression, anxiety, emotions of all colours and flavours, relationships - old and new, to childhood memories, events of the everyday life and random thoughts of the day - some being deep and profound, others bordering on ridiculous. It's an outlet and it is mine.

Despite having written in this way for years, I have hardly written anything that relates to my art, or even art in general. When I look back on all the entries I have made over the years I am amazed at exactly how little mention of it there is. This fuelled my decision to create this here blog. A place where I can document my thoughts, (and images), that relate directly, or even indirectly, to my art.

On saying I have never really put much into words on the subject, there is of course the time, every year, when my exhibition/s come around and I am expected to write a few paragraphs in relation to the (body of) works on exhibition. In the past some clients have also asked me for written information on a particular piece, which I sometimes find amusing. These things I do, but it's not the same as having an ongoing dialogue on the subject.

All in all I have left my art, as a whole, mostly to imagery - and I guess as a general rule this is how it should be for a visual artist as it is a visual medium, and I continually strive to create a visual dialogue between my art and the viewer. Recently however, I have had a desire to start writing more on the subject, for my own reference and benefit. I see this form of documentation as an important thing and something I can hopefully continue to look back on, observing personal evolution. I wanted to create a place where I can just write, raw and uncensored, not re-read, edited and then re-edited to abide by, or adhere to, others needs and expectations as I am ultimately doing this for myself.

I make art because I feel it is necessary for me to do so.
I make art because I love to make art.
I certainly do not expect everyone to love the art I make.
(or like what I write)
However, if people like what I do, that's a definite bonus.

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