Thursday, July 19, 2007


Having had some concerns regarding my Melbourne gallery in recent times, I was informed this past week, that there has been some major changes at the gallery concerned. I am hoping it's a change for the better as I was extremely close to pulling out of their so called 'stable' - forfeiting any representation in Melbourne, other than my own.

Despite having maintained a 5+ year relationship with the gallery, the past 12 months have felt more like something I have endured rather than enjoyed... like some sort of art induced coma I have been falling in and out of.

As I am writing, the owner of the gallery has just called me. We have scheduled a meeting for next Friday.

I look forward to possibly resolving 'something'.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Brush Strokes

I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon applying paint to canvas and it felt wonderful.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I have been back in Australia for just over a month. In many ways, it feels like a lot longer. I have felt very unsettled which has unfortunately had an adverse effect on my artistic productiveness.

Today, however, I went to the house I was living in before moving to Japan to pick up some of my possessions.

Every time I move house I have a tendency to cull my possessions in the attempt to reduce them to one car load. It almost worked today with my canvases being the only things of mine that did not fit in the back of the Land Rover. I will need one more trip. What I did collect today were all my books and music - years of inspiration and two of the things that are most important to me as an artist and in general. I feel more settled and comfortable having them easily accessible.

Of course there are also a few things that I have conveniently stored at my parents house, (some for months, some for years), that I will have to either now accommodate or dispose of as they are moving themselves.

I'm not a very materialistic person - at least I don't believe I am - but what is important to me is my art... my music and my books/literature. The three go hand in hand for me.

The written word has inspired me in life and art for as long as I can remember, so it will be nice to once again take the likes of Anais Nin, Sylvia Plath or Pablo Neruda to bed with me.