Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stuck On Art

I have recently fallen in love with, and been inspired by, the work of German Dada artist Hannah Hoch. Viewing her work recently has restored, or rather enhanced, my interest in the medium of collage.

I have used collage in my paintings and drawings for the past few of years, however, it mostly featured in the background of my work or was used subtly to compliment other media. I am now interested in exploring collage as the feature [medium] in some of my works.

Another collage artist who I have admired in the past is Raoul Hausmann, a co-founder of the Berlin Dada movement in 1917 and incidentally was once Hoch's lover. Whilst many texts suggest that their relationship may have been quite destructive on a personal level it was certainly one that had a strong affect on their work as it was during their relationship that the two of them entered the world of collage. It seems however, back in the day, Hoch was considered Hausmann's lover, not his equal.

I think her work speaks for itself.

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