Sunday, November 19, 2006

Creative Intentions

Not the most colourful or creative day in the studio but a day in the studio none the less.

Some days, despite being full of inspiration and having a multitude of ideas inside my head, I find it so difficult to make the first mark on a new canvas. There is a certain trepidation that at times causes me to procrastinate or vacillate and often sees me fall victim to the simplest distractions in order to delay what needs to be done.

I even try to convince myself that my distractions are constructive ones while I sit at the computer sorting through reference photos or perhaps take some new ones. I'll write down some ideas or write in my blog. I may even go for a walk to 'clear my mind', and whilst these are not bad things, all I am really succeeding in doing is avoiding my canvas's need for attention.

Whilst surfing the web,
(another distraction to fuel my procrastination), for Osaka galleries today, I came across a particular site that had the following quote on it's home page:

Whatever the results are going to be, you've got to roll up your sleeves and get started. Just thinking about it won't get anything done.

How appropriate!

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