Sunday, November 12, 2006

This Charming Man

Yesterday afternoon, after hearing of Jack Palance's passing, I put on my old VHS copy of Bagdad Cafe, (a.k.a Out of Rosenheim), whilst I painted, pausing attentively for Jack's scenes. I think the role of Rudi Cox was possibly the most charming of Palance's film career, and for me it was certainly the most memorable.

I first watched this film in the late 80's and fell in love with everything about it, in particular, Palance's character, Rudi Cox, an artist who ultimately falls in love with the main character. The scenes where Palance is painting Jasmine, played by the adorable Marianne Sagebrecht, are just delightful and I fell in love with them and Rudi Cox all over again yesterday.

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