Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not Guilty

Not a mark has been made nor a single thing done in the studio today. I am having a rather lazy day, which up until very recently was something I would always feel terribly guilty about. Now, however, I realise that these days can be just as important for me as an artist as the days spent hunched over canvas and covered in paint.

Instead I am spending the best part of the day reclining on the couch with a monthly inconvenience, a good book and an unattractive (but practical) hot water bottle, which, despite its ugliness, I have never been able to throw out. I purchased it in Chicago several years ago in a time of need and it cost a small fortune, as far as hot water bottles go, but it was the only one to be found and I felt it a necessity. I figured I should hold on to it and get my moneys worth.

I am continuing to read Victoria Finlay's wonderful adventures and intricate research on colour and despite having a quiet day as far as the practical side of things go, I am feeling incredibly inspired at the moment and look forward to a creative, colourful and productive day in the studio tomorrow: Sunday - the day of no rest.


Anonymous said...

really enjoying reading your blog :-)

Jill said...

"ugliness" is not a word I have ever applied to my hot water bottles. I love mine. American ones must be very different!
With mine,I always get my moneys worth. I could never throw one away unless it had sprung a leak!

Shell said...

We need days like that every now and then yeah? Especially when it's that time of the month. My hot water bottle is a rather putrid shade of pink, but I love it!