Thursday, November 23, 2006

Word Play

Still on the subject of words, early last year I was playing around with anagrams of my name. I produced a painting from this 'word game' and called it Fragments and Anagrams I.

I then played around with the words 'Self' and 'Portrait' and produced a second work, Fragments and Anagrams II. 'Felt Airports' was my favourite anagram of Self Portrait.

These two works were produced during a time of personal transition and the fragments and anagrams reference held great symbolism for me.

I came up with quite a number of anagrams for my name, my ten favourites were, (in no particular order):

* Say Mine Random

* Drama In My Nose (or Nose In My Drama)

* Is My Nomad Near
* Damn Is My Ear On
* Yes In Mad Roman
* My Man Does Rain
* No As In My Dream
* Noisy Man Dream
* MOMA Nine Yards

* Me A Darn Simony


natalie said...

you are such a clever one!

Wulff said...

Moma Nine Yards - now thats a name

krankekunst said...

A Mars Coign