Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Childhood Treasure

Whilst at my parent's house today I came across this drawing. It is the first, (earliest), drawing that I can actually remember doing. We were living in a two storey flat in Carlton on the outskirts of the city. I think my father and I may have attended an AFL football match that day, as we did almost every weekend when I was a young child. The picture is of a football game, more specifically, Richmond players.

This tiny little childhood drawing holds great significance for me. I clearly remember drawing this picture for my father, as though it was yesterday; I must have been about three years old. I sat down at the dining room table and announced that I was going to draw a picture for him. As I handed the drawing to my father I then announced, rather adamantly, that I was going to be an artist.

It measures about 6cm square, or at least it did once. It is no longer square in shape. It is crumpled, creased, discoloured and slightly torn in places but I love the fact that after all these years he still proudly possesses this tiny and frail piece of paper.

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Autumn said...

Your parents sound very loving. I was thinking that as I read about the smock your mother made for you, too. They sound very encouraging.