Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back Where it All Began

Another nostalgic blog entry as I also found this photo whilst at my parents house yesterday. I believe it is the first ever photo of me painting.

I showed this to my partner last night and he commented on the smock, (how could he not), which my mother lovingly made for me to keep my garments from being splattered with paint, suggesting that I could perhaps use one of those now. I do have a habit of wearing good clothes when I paint which then serve no other purpose once stained with dozens of colours to be anything but painting attire.

That smock, as practical as it may well have been, looks big enough to fit two children inside. My partner even suggested it could quite possibly still fit me today. I have no idea what became of the smock but I believe it served it's purpose well.

My clothes actually take on quite a similar appearance to the colorful patterned fabric of that art smock after I have painted in them for a few days.

I shall continue to paint smockless.


Autumn said...

I understand what you mean.

I have a tendency to work in my garden in whatever clothes I have on, including heels and white blouses. Consequently, everything gets a little dirt-covered. (I wish that everything also took on the fragrance of lemon balm or pink roses, but that doesn't happen.) My neighbor, who is also a Math teacher at the school where I teach English, has suggested that I just have one or two sets of "garden" clothes like she does and to save the rest of my "work" clothes for work.

I have often wondered if I am not suffering from some sort of pathos. You exhibit similar symptoms. In an attempt to bring all of the world into the realm of some creative process, we paint or muddy our "normal" clothes, thereby christening them and covering them with the evidence of more pleasant endeavors.

Autumn said...

By the way, cute photo!