Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Sea and Other Stories

I have been neglecting my other online blog recently, devoting most of my online activity to writing in this one. Because of this, there will no doubt be entries that are not directly related to my art, which could defeat the whole purpose of this blog if I am not diligent. Therefore, as these non-direct entries are bound to find their way here, I will endeavour to oversee that they are at least indirectly related, in some way, to my art; be it things, people or places that have an affect on or influence my art. After all, this blog was created for my 'artist' self; as a place for me to regularly and freely ramble, vent, document and reflect.

I have just returned home. My shoes sounded like maracas as I walked back from the beach. I decided I needed to get out of the studio, (and the house), for a while. Now that the weather is improving I can take advantage of our close proximity to the sea more often. I have not just sat on the beach for ages and it was most enjoyable to do so once again; listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves lapping, the seagulls squawking, smelling the salty air and squinting at the sun as it heads for the horizon.

Two inquisitive seagulls kept me company for sometime, hoping I would produce something edible from my bag. Much to their dismay, all I had in my bag were three poetry books.

There was no one else around for the majority of my time sitting on the sand, it was so very peaceful and the perfect setting for reading poetry.

The three books I had with me were:
Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing, recently given to me by my dear friend Andrea, (who was also the one who, around five years ago, suggested I read Beautiful Losers and kindly leant me his copy - I believe that is around the time my love affair with Mr. Cohen really began).
The second was Collected Poems by Sylvia Plath which my partner brought back from America for me last year, only to discover that I already it. We have kept both copies.
He also brought back with him the third book I had with me today, The Essential Neruda -Collected Poems . In fact it was my partner who introduced me to Pablo Neruda's work and I instantly fell in love with it. Just as beautiful as the poetry within the book was my partner's inscription which reads:
My dearest Simone
May your life always inspire and derive joy from the love and longing and passion contained within the mysterious language of your own beautiful poetic world of words.
- J. 16.06.05

The written word has always been, and continues to be, a huge influence for me in life and art.

A few years ago I wrote a series of 'ramblings' aptly named 'psychobabble'. I also did a series of works on paper based on these writings and have recently reacquainted myself with these pieces and have even began to rework a couple. Reflection can be an inspiring thing.

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