Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Paper Liberation

I have recently rediscovered the joy of working on paper. There is a certain artistic freedom that presents itself to me when I am working on paper. Perhaps it's because paper is sometimes a little less intimidating than a blank canvas. I often find myself more hesitant making my first mark on a pristine canvas than I do on a sheet of paper. It's strange logic, I know. I just find paper lends itself more to artistic error, for want of a better term. (Not that they are really errors as such, I just can't think of a better term right now).
'I deny the accident'
comes to mind.
Paper also lends itself more to drawing, which is where it all began for me as an artist.

Perhaps I just feel paper is more open to interpretation when it comes to mark making, or perhaps it is that I worry less about ruining a sheet of paper than I do a stretched canvas. Who knows.
I do find, however, when I am working on canvas I am a lot more focused on, or concerned with, precision and detail - not that that is a bad thing - but working on paper does allow me to free up from time to time, which is something that I feel, for me as an artist, is vital.


natalie said...

It is true, for some reason, even really nice paper does not feel as serious as canvas/board...
It is liberating perhaps because you can just tear it up and throw it away?

I don't know... But I agree, I never seem to care as much what I am scribbling on paper.

Shell said...

I know exactly what you mean.

sue beyer said...

I really like this one :-)