Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday I've got Friday on my mind...

Friday morning found me waking up on Jo and Rob's couch bed and making my way back to my hotel feeling a little worse for wear. Still, a good night was had on Thursday and I actually felt better than I though I would considering the lack of sleep and NO lack of chu hi...

After a brief nap and a long shower, I made my way to Umeda Sky Building to meet with Chie - a Japanese lady I had made acquaintance with through instagram. She took me to the basement of Umeda Sky Building, which is a replica Showa-period Japanese city full of restaurants, where we dined at a Katsudon restaurant. She was such a sweetheart and in true Japanese style, refused to let me pay for my lunch, which was slightly embarrassing, and even presented me with a small gift, leading to further embarrassment on my behalf as it was all very unexpected... but much appreciated. It was a pleasure meeting Chie.

On my return to the hotel, I was contemplating a quiet night in. Whilst I was submerged in my Japanese tub, I got a message from my friend John to say he was on his way up to my room. My soaking session came to an abrupt end and I grabbed the first items of clothing I could find... which were a total mismatch. He had to meet one of his students for a lesson later that evening and had some time to kill so he thought he would come over and take me to see a gallery space nearby and grab a bite to eat. I was actually glad he did as the gallery was worth seeing and the exhibition currently showing was most interesting and somewhat inspiring. It was by a Japanese collage artist - Ooka Ueno.

I was also somewhat entertained by seeing John eat the biggest inari sushi I have ever seen! Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it.

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