Thursday, May 03, 2012

Late night cravings and stumbling salarymen...

Last night at 11:49pm, I decided to test my earlier theory and headed out for a bite to eat. I opted for gyoza, (surprise, surprise), and a side serve of Korean pickles, which I thought was a pretty good find just after midnight.

As I crossed the Dotonbori bridge, I happened to make eye contact with one of the Osaka Boys, from who I received a \'woo wee\'... (neither a koo wee or a wolf whistle; for all I know it could have been code for \'stupid gaijin\'... I am not quite sure what it was insinuating but I can say he quite possibly looked more feminine than me. He did make me laugh though... this city really is a world of its own.

As I proceeded to walk through the mall, with all but a few shops now closed, I was quickly reminded of the less appealing... no... I shall say \'darker\', but very real, elements of this city. Homeless men laying, drunk, on flattened cardboard boxes. It\'s kind of a sad and sorry sight.

Not as sad or sorry, I witnessed a posse of salarymen as they stumbled under the harsh fluorescent lights, at times leaning on each other to ensure they remained somewhat vertical. I must say, for the most part, \'drunkenness\' in Japan is far less offensive than it is back home.

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