Friday, May 11, 2012

English Lessons in Kyoto and Yuzu Appeciation...

I forgot to make mention of a delicious yuzu sho-chu that I managed to come across in a small Kyoto bar. I had already ordered a perilla sho-chu, as it is one I actually really enjoy, when I spotted the label on the bottle next to the Tantakatan, displaying what looked like an illustration of the very tasty Japanese citrus fruit that is 'yuzu'... Upon enquiring, in a mixture of English and Japanese, I was offered a sniff of the lid which was enough to suggest he pour me one. It was almost, ALMOST, as delightful as Umenoyado yuzu sake... Whilst enjoying it, Allison and I were looking endearingly over their drink menu and noticing the adorably innocent spelling mistakes, such as 'lock' instead of on the rocks, and 'puemium molts' instead of... well, that one is fairly obvious. Even more adorable was the fact that it was spelt correctly on their beer tap head but translated in Jap-glish on their menu.

I did not want to sound at all condescending but I could see they were curious enough about our discussion, and the guy who seemed like the owner had already opened the menu document on his computer, ready to make it 'perfect English'. With that, I was given a pen and paper and wrote down the correct English for them to alter their menu. So it was a win-win... I got to discover yuzu sho-chu and they now have a perfectly written and easy to understand English drinks menu.

On the subject of yuzu, it is not just being enjoyed as an infusion to alcoholic beverages, I tried the most delicious yuzu tea the other day here in Osaka, made with fresh rind and juice of the fruit.

My suitcase is too small and custom laws too strict.

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