Thursday, May 17, 2012

For the sake of sake...

Today (Wednesday), I took a train with my friend Hide-San to Chushojima to check out the small town known for its production of sake.

We visited Kizakura and Gekkaikan breweries which were interesting, namely for their historical elements, but of course, quite commercial as far as sake went. Still, I never say no to free samples of this tasty beverage so it was an enjoyable way to start our day. The information they provided on the process of making sake was certainly of interest and the architecture of the breweries themselves, (some now restaurants and other retail venues), was quite beautiful.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at a delightful restaurant inside an old brewery which included the most amazing tofu dumplings, a delicious fresh tofu that was cooked at our table and a tasting flight of 3 different kinds of daiginjo sake.

The highlight of our time in this little town was visiting a sake shop in Otesuji called Aburacho. The owner, Okuda-San presented us with a very extensive list of around 80 different sake choices from which to design our own tasting flight. His suggestions were far more superior to our choices, which we discovered after trying both. All still very enjoyable.

My tastings included, as Okuda-San presented them and wrote them...
Tama-no-hikari yamahai jikomi junmai daiginjo
Tomio tobintori daiginjo gensyu
Eikun junmai daiginjo
Syotoku Nigori-zake

For a bit of fun I also tried a matcha sake, a yuzu sake and a Nigori yuzu sake.

The day ended with a spectacular view from the Hep 5 ferris wheel in Umeda and a very, very tasty bowl of Osaka ramen.

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