Friday, May 04, 2012

Who knows what tomorrow may bring...

Day 4. Without really making a decision or any plans, I found myself on the subway to Umeda, then on the Hankyu line to Kawaramachi, Kyoto. The good thing about not having a set agenda is... not having a set agenda.

I enjoyed lunch at one of my favourite soba noodle restaurants on Shijo-dori and revisited a few of my favourite parts of the city. I keep forgetting its Golden Week here so I must make a mental 'note to self' not to go to Kyoto during Golden Week again... that said, I still had an enjoyable day.

So tomorrow sees the arrival of a friend I have never met... Anyone who knows me well will not be surprised that I have a friend, who I have known online for over five years, coming to Japan to stay with me for nine nights or so... In fact, if it weren't for Allison, I may not have actually followed through with this trip - not through lack of want, but I have been known to procrastinate. The two of us had toyed with the idea of meeting up someday and started exploring the idea of meeting up in Japan. I had mentioned to her that I was pretty keen to get back there this year and had even booked my accommodation online, (as there were no cancellation fees... so I could procrastinate for free). One Saturday night, a few months ago, I came home late from work, logged on to Facebook and Allison had sent me a photo of her ticket... she was going to Japan. I thought to myself - she has committed to this Maynard, time to pull your finger out and put your money where your mouth is! So I booked my flight that night... and here I am in Japan again, after a 3 year absence. And tomorrow, we shall meet.

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