Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anything but boring...

I seem to be writing my blog posts quite late in the evening... And whilst my tired and tardy writing at this hour does not do justice to the events being mentioned, I am just really trying to document my time here, (for my own purposes), on a regular basis so as not to forget anything important.

Yesterday I took another trip to Kyoto - for the purpose of meeting an online acquaintance: Michael Baxter, aka: Kyoto Foodie. Originally from the United States, he has lived in Kyoto for the past 12 years.

It was a brief but enjoyable meeting. Michael took me to Pontocho in Gion where we had lunch at a soba restaurant. I did the old "I'll have what he's having" in order to try something different... and that something, (Michael's favourite), was a cold dish consisting of fresh soba noodles, a light broth, whisked raw egg, shredded nori, tempura prawn and bean, and... homemade nato - the best nato I have ever tasted!

After lunch I paid a brief visit to Yasaka Shrine and took a walk through Chionin Temple and then over to Heian Shrine. It was the warmest day since I arrived here - the afternoon sun was quite severe and the humidity was definitely high. Fortunately, I didn't have time to scorch too much in the solar blare, as I had to get back to Osaka to meet my friend Hide at 6pm.

We then met up with a few others outside Namba Hatch to see The Boredoms. I admit, I had never heard of this band prior to meeting Rob and Jo - (an Australian couple living/teaching over here for the past five years). I also had no idea what to expect. Since the suggestion was made a week or so ago that I come along to see them, I watched a couple of You Tube videos which were not really a great indication.... I guess all I really knew was that they were 'energetic'... and that they were!

Unlike any band I have ever seen before, I have to say it was a great show... they are definitely a 'live' band and definitely a hard band to describe in words. Watching the crowd was almost as enjoyable as watching the band who started off quite mellow in mood ... but as the tempo lifted all of a sudden I was deep in a sea of jumping Japanese pogo dancers - being carried to and fro with the ebb and flow of the crowd.... I had no choice but to join in and grin.

It was certainly an experience.

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