Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another day in Paradise...

Yesterday, Allison and I travelled, once again, to the beautiful city of Kyoto.

After visiting the very lovely Kinkakuji - Golden Temple, and the immaculate Zen garden at Ryoanji, we set out to find Sake Bar Yoramu. After getting off the bus far too early and a few wrong turns on foot we eventually found the place. Whilst initially I felt a slight feeling of intimidation and unease in being there, I eventually succeeded in embracing the moment and relaxed into enjoying some of the most amazing sake I have ever tasted. Yoram was extremely professional and passionate, matching sake tasting flights based on what one normally likes to drink, be it wine, spirits or whatever.

After my three had been poured and the tasting had begun, I was quite curious to see what he would pick for Allison, as our tastes are very different. Allison had not planned on consuming any but was also curious to see what had been matched to her palate preferences. Whilst I ended up consuming pretty much all of what was poured, I do believe she was quite pleasantly surprised by some of the choices and we were both introduced to new ways of drinking and enjoying sake.

Interestingly enough, after letting them sit for a bit and as the nose and palate changed, the one I liked least in the beginning ended up being the one I enjoyed the most. It helped once Yoram matched it with cheese, the two were exquisite together.

To finish, I sampled a Nigori style sake which came a close second. They were all incredibly different - somehow delicate yet so complex. I have SO much more to learn about this wonderful beverage, but that's what makes it so much fun!

I hope to get back there again before I head home.

Whether I will ever have the pleasure of sampling any of these again, I do not know, but I of course photographed the bottles and had Yorum write down the names of each one I tried.

Pictured above are:
Akishika Okarakuchi
Mutemuka (my favourite of the evening)
Kidoizumi Hakugyokko

Pictured below are:
Kamiyo Kara No Sake/Sango
Suginishiki Yamahai 2008
Akishika Moto Shibri (Pressed Moto) 2007

The finale, pictured below, was Hana Tomoe Yamahai Usunigori.

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