Sunday, December 31, 2006


There is just one hour left of 2006.

I often thrive on symbolism, and the end of one year and beginning of the next is no exception.

In this hour my mind will race as I regress, looking back on this past year.

I'm tired.

I am at home tonight with no desire to be amongst anything remotely party-esque. For me new years eve is a time to reflect, not get 'shit-faced' and rowdy.

I find entering a new year a very humbling experience, it is a time for me to be grateful rather than gregarious.

We saw M.Ward play last night at The Corner Hotel. He was fabulous, inspiring and worthy of more than this brief mention in my blog. Alas, I am tired and do not feel much like writing, but I did want to make one final entry before seeing this year out.

With my 'end of year self reflection' comes a lot of thoughts about my art. I have made myself some promises, or should I say resolutions, regarding this, along with a couple of others. Hopefully all will benefit my artistic endeavours. I have not painted, really painted, for over a week now and it is starting to play heavily on my mind. I plan to spend a good proportion of 2007's first day immersing myself in my art, (and listening to M. Ward).

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