Monday, December 04, 2006

Progressive Palette

I just noticed the full moon. I had not realised it was that time of the lunar month. The past few weeks have gone by extremely fast. On noticing her this evening, I realised why I have been a bit 'all over the place' these past couple of days.

I picked up four new canvases on Saturday. The weekend turned out to be slightly more social than I had expected so it was not until today that I was really able to spend quality time with my new additions to the studio. It's that time of year where social events are pretty much unavoidable, and whilst the weekend was enjoyable, I was extremely happy and appreciative to be able to get back into the studio today.

In recent years I have worked with a fairly restricted palette. It's not that I don't like colour, it's just that I have preferred applying it in a more subtle manner. Red, green, black and white featured heavily in my earlier work, and this year's exhibition was based on a Primary palette, using only red, blue and yellow, (or variations of), with black, white and grey. I have had numerous discussions on colour with many people in relation to my work and have never really had a strong desire to expand my palette too much - until now.

I have recently been reading, (and have been fascinated by), Victoria Finlay's book, Colour - Travels Through the Paintbox, which has made me and look at colour very differently and has inspired me to explore colour, within my own work, in greater depth and on a more emotional level. It is almost as though I have a greater appreciation for colour now and I am looking forward to introducing more and more into my work.

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