Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tired of Just Waiting

It has been a tiring season in the hospitality industry. As the peak of the 'Summer' season comes to a close and the tourists start to wane, people find themselves running out of money, many head back to work and kids go back to school, I am beginning to find more time for me and ultimately for my art.

I have not felt much like 'me' lately but it is now time to focus on my 'artist' self.

It has been an interesting time focusing more on a different 'job', however it has been necessary for me to get myself back into a comfortable position and out of debt in order to get back into the more important things and ultimately back to being 'me'.

It has been an anxious time and there have been moments where I found the whole experience rather negative but recently I decided to use this as motivation for my art and turn it into a positive. I foresee my next body of work having a lot to do with my recent time in the hospitality industry as the 'painting waitress'. My partner, who is a chef, has helped me to see the more creative, artistic and sensual side to food - this has also been somewhat inspiring.

I still have a strong fascination with Japan and believe its influence will feature heavily again in my work, however, perhaps for the time being I shall focus on inspirations closer to home. I have recently opened up my eyes to just how much (inspiration) is right in front of me. The grass often looks greener on the other side... yet at the same time, as cliché as it may sound - there is nothing quite like the green, green grass of home.

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Kim said...

Oh, I really liked your posting today. It is good to hear you are back to a place where you can take care of your artist self...and yourself all together.

Your partner sounds like a very wise and special person. As you were talking, I could see all kinds of wonderful paintings you might do around food and the creative process of preparing food. They just happened to come into my head in YOUR style! This will be interesting to watch.

I like your drawing too. The simplicity of it really draws me in and makes me wonder what is going on with this woman. It is wonderful.