Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Clean Slate... or Plate

Let 2008 really begin.

The year of the rat is now upon us - farewell year of the pig or the pig of a year. My year was not bad, just a little mad.

It was a strange start to this new year and I am feeling a little out of sorts due to taking some medication that my body is finding foriegn. I don't like taking tablets at the best of times. With most negatives come a positive however and today was no exception so it is with open arms I now welcome this new year: the year of the rat... and it is only now, as I type, that I realise an anagram of rat is art.

The year of ART.

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Kim said...

Here Here to the Year of ART! I love that! Thank you!

For me, being able to reflect and learn is HUGE! It sounds as though you have done that and are ready to now move forward.

I do like this drawing a lot and see you have taken up the beginnings of art and food...

This will be a very interesting blog to watch!

Thanks Simone!