Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Think I Smell a Rat

I caught up with a very dear and long time friend who was visiting from Singapore yesterday. We met at Melbourne School of Art when I was 17. In fact, my teacher/lecturer actually made a point of introducing us.

I have always seen S as a wise soul and yesterday we discussed many things in our too brief catch up. One of them was the chaotic aspect of the year just gone and the beginning of this one. On both a personal and universal scale. He did mention to me that it will not be until the Chinese new year begins that things fall into place or get back to where they should be. Many things we talked about made sense to me and helped me see things clearer than I have for some time now.

The year of the Rat is almost upon us.

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Anonymous said...

This is reassuring. I'm pleased to have hope for this year yet. Lots of love, Karyn x