Friday, March 13, 2009

Project 35

I worked/painted in my new studio today - for the first time. I've just finished for the day as I have to go to work and whilst I did not achieve a lot, I am looking at the bigger picture as a huge achievement and looking forward to spending a lot more time in there. I sat in there for a couple of hours yesterday and couldn't even make a mark - so today was progress. I was so anxious yesterday that I had far too many ideas going through my head that I could not even get started on one. So it was a great feeling today to be making some marks on the canvas again. Another joy I am reveling in is not having to pack everything up before going to work. My last 'studio space' was part of the lounge room in our house and I was forever making sure everything was away, protected from kids, dogs, vacuum cleaners and the likes - and whilst I will still strive to maintain some sort of order in my work space, it is a luxury to be able to leave things wherever I like in my space and just shut the door behind me.

I think it will take a little while for me to get my painting mojo back but the desire is as strong as ever. I'll just enjoy the ride. I find myself just wanting to latch on to everything in my life in an artistic way - or for artistic inspiration... wanting to turn everything I do into something 'creative'... it makes sense to me anyway. So while I contemplate my next body of work (paintings), and try to once again familiarise myself with artistic discipline, I am going to use my blog and my digital camera, (amongst an array of other things), to help me attain that. I am going to set myself a series of little goals to help me with that D thing. Or is it C thing? Commitment perhaps.

Today I am starting Project 35. A shorter version of the evergrowing and popular 365 Project, (that may have a few other names), where artists create a self portrait image for every day of the year - or at least make their best effort to. As I have recently turned 35, I thought I would use this number as my project guide and see if I can discipline myself to be at least a little creative for at least some part of every day over that time period.

A lot of people have said to me, and other artist I know, that we (artists) are a self obsessed bunch. That may or may not be true - in any or all of the cases... but just as I write this blog for me, and only me - to document things that I choose and perhaps even hope will be of interest to me, or used as reference, in the future - I am also doing 'Project 35' for myself alone.

I don't often write in this blog as though I am speaking to anyone else, as it is me speaking to myself about I... but if anyone else is offended by anything I say or post on here, you have the choice to not read it or view it.

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