Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 5 (Keeping the Rythym)

In relation to yesterday's post, or at least the title, I've made a decision to compose all images of Project 35 in a square format.

I remember an old lecturer at Melbourne School of Art, (at which I attended part time from the age of 16-18 but never really completed a full course), that a square format/composition was the most challenging. Of course, this may not be everyone's opinion but since that day I have challenged myself to many a square composition and failed as much as I have succeeded.

Recently, after sending 4 works (2 square and 2 rectangular) over to New York for a 6 woman show in October last year, Ad Hoc Director, Andrew Michael Ford wrote to me with feedback on the show and my work stating ~
I personally feel that you work better in the square format, and that has been the general consensus about your work. This is of course regardless of size. You just happened to do small squares which many people enjoyed more than the rectangular pieces.
I find the square extremely dynamic as well as challenging, and whilst some of my Project 35 images will work in this format, and some will not, I am using each image, and the editing of, as a way of exploration of this format.

I thought about skipping a day today, as I am already tired of the 'self portrait image', (after only 5 days!)... but it is not about that - it is about the discipline. As simple and even bland as today's image is, it is also very symbolic, or related very closely to my most recent paintings of waitress vs artists - or on a broader scale me vs me. The tug of war. The double life. Wanting to be two places at once... and of course that B word that is BALANCE.


Mona said...

"Me VS me" a little too redolent of "self VS self" I think! Enjoy yr images but choose yr words carefully! HA What would I know eh?

Simone Maynard said...

Hello T
I very rarely respond to comments as I try not to engage too much, but I do appreciate feedback and opinions of others - good and bad. I take it you are speaking of H.D when you make that reference. I did not even think of her blog or previous body of work when writing my post - or in fact when producing my last body of work. Whilst I can see where you are coming from, I also strongly believe that almost, if not every artist I know personally, Ms Dooney included, has had that struggle of 'self vs. self'... I doubt either of us were the first, or last, to use either expression. As for choosing my words more carefully... I see my blog as a place where I don't need to do that - it's my 'free place'... or 'free space'. This comment sounds awfully defensive but I am smiling as I write - please know that, just as I am continuing to frequent and enjoy your posts and blog.

Mona said...

I am sure you meant M then anyway...I will get back to you tomorrow on this...OK? VERY tired!
Til then/
EVERTYTHING we write is there forever remember thanx to google cache!

Mona said...

PS: I did forget to say congrats on what you did with that gallery auction. You did well and I am sorry I didn't make it, little pygmy got in the way!