Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 3 (Sunday's my Friday)

I was fortunate enough recently to discover, or perhaps 'uncover', the generosity of a number of Australian artists.

Whilst many people are claiming to be 'bushfired out' - which I find a really strange term - it is evident that the devastation caused by the recent Victorian bushfires still effects many, both directly and empathetically. Just watching this evening's news and seeing footage of last night's Bushfire Aid concerts, with 81,000 attending the Victorian gig, is confirmation that the majority of Australians just want to contribute 'something' as a way of a donation to this appeal.

I knew I was not in a position to donate a lot of money personally, so I contacted the very generous and empathetic Mark Jamieson, (director of Brunswick Street Gallery), about holding a charity art auction, who quickly said yes to lending me a hand and donating the gallery space. I could not have put it all together without his help, and of course the help and generosity of the artists who donated work and the volunteers who donated time... and last but not least - despite the weather being hideous that night - the people who came out to support the event and purchase art in the name of charity.

Of course, with the current economic status, people weren't spending big dollars, but as a collective, we managed to raise just short of $13,500 for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Appeal, as well as give people the opportunity to own some great art for the cost of a humble donation.

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