Friday, April 11, 2008

Patience and Persistence VS PMT

I have been losing patience with my work a little bit over this past week. Fortunately before I got to the point where it began to worry me, I realised I am extremely pre menstrual. I had been working on a piece earlier this week and as my hormones starting going haywire, along with my emotions, I began changing the painting.

I finally decided to stop and put it aside... and perhaps wait until I am feeling a bit more rational and patient. So I started two other pieces.

It is not unusual for me to work on two, three or several pieces at once, but I had been trying to be a little more disciplined with the works in this series and concentrate more on the whole start to finish process, one or two at a time. I think that may have contributed to my striving for patience and failing.

On the subject of patience, I must thank my partner. Not only does he have the patience with my PMT but also with my taking over the whole house with my 'art stuff'. In every place I have lived there is always a designated 'studio area'... this place is no exception, however, when preparing for an exhibition I have a tendency to take over the entire house. My 'studio space' is not equipped with a sink so I find myself using the bathroom to wash my brushes as the laundry is not as accessable. It does get cleaned on a fairly regular basis but I must say I am very lucky as C has never once complained or even made mention of the mess I leave behind.

I am grateful.

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SusuPetal said...

The skill of being able to wotk on two or more pieces at the same time, is admirable. I can't do that, have to get the one I'm working on finshed, before taking the next one under work.
Nowadays it's not such a pain, because I can vary with the things I do: write, tak photos, paint, so there comes variety in doing. But in the old times, when I only wrote, I was stuck with one text and couldn't do anything till it was finished. That was sometimes horrible.

When is your exhibiton opening?

I looked at your work in this blog, I like your line, it's very delicate.