Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go Figure... and Deliver

Ironically, I have been sick since my last entry. I spent Anzac day horizontal, paying my respects from the couch. I did not eat for a couple of days. The timing was not good, but there never really is a good time to be unwell - not for anyone.

I delivered my paintings to the gallery today and stayed for the hanging. The paintings always seem to take on a new life, or light, when they are hanging all together on a pristine white gallery wall. I felt pleased with what I had produced but was looking forward to a night away from the works and being able to walk in there tomorrow night with somewhat fresh eyes.

The feeling of seeing them on a gallery wall is so completely different to viewing them at home or in the studio. There is a feeling of vulnerability once they are out there and exposed for people to see - and no doubt judge - we are all critics of some kind.

I am debating whether or not I want to place some text on view about the works. A kind of 'guide' to the paintings on exhibit. Normally I like to leave my art very open to individual interpretation, even though I may have a definite message or story within or behind the piece. I don't like to tell people what they should see - I don't wish to force my work on anyone. If someone likes it, that's great - without sounding blase about it, for admittedly it is always nice when somebody likes or appreciates your work.

I guess the fact that these works are just so personal, I would not like to think they would be misinterpreted. Then again, anyone likely to misinterpret them would probably not be interested in the story behind them anyway. Should I really be that concerned?

I need a good nights sleep.

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Kim said...

Hello Simone!

I am so sorry you were ill just before you had the hanging...you are right there is never a good time...and it always seems to come when you have been working so hard. I am glad you are feeling better now, though.

Oh Boy! I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to interpret for people your work. I feel that way as well...so many people are moved in a different way by different works! On the other hand, the vast majority of people just want to be told, don't they? It is rather a catch 22 situation. Is there any way you can only have text available for someone to read after they have connected with the work for themselves or if they feel as though they just need to have it interpreted for them? A pamphlet for the show, in general?

You are right, though, get some sleep...the answer will come.

Thanks again, Simone for your visit to my blog.