Saturday, February 09, 2008

Speaking of Art

There are times where I don't think, I just paint. The work just evolves as I go. There have been pieces I have planned from start to finish but sometimes I find this process restrictive.

Usually, initially, there is an image or idea in mind but often the finished piece ends up looking different to what I had first imagined. This is one of the reasons I like working with layering. Often each new layer, be it paint, collage or stitching, will inspire or determine what happens next. Many things seem to be done subconsciously, and for me, this keeps things interesting and exciting.

This was drawn to my attention last night whilst sitting at the bar at work when I was asked about my art. I don't make a habit of talking too much about my art, I'd rather just paint. For me art is a very personal thing - yet on the flipside, I do enjoy being able to share it with others. I don't however, have the expectation that others should see in my work the same things I see; regardless of what each piece means to me, or what the story is behind the work, I am happy to leave my art open to interpretation. Often when I do discuss my work with people who have seen it I actually learn something about it myself. Some conversations have been revelations for me as people have pointed out things that I was perhaps not consciously aware of but the fact that they were created subconsciously makes complete sense. I sometimes also find that it is not until I am prompted or 'forced' to discuss certain works that they, or the ideas, actually become more evident to me.

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