Friday, June 01, 2007

Road Runner, Road Runner...

Going a thousand miles an hour.

Such is my mind right now. Racing.

This is my second last night in Osaka, (this trip), before flying out of Japan on Sunday night. I feel quite emotional at the moment - about leaving Japan and about going home. My heart and mind feel a little at tug-o-war right now.

My grandfather had a heart attack on Friday. He is 85 and frail. I want to get home to see him again. There are also many other reasons and things that are calling me homeward.

I took myself out of the grey and into the green today, with a visit to Mino. It was so pleasant being amongst an abundance of nature.

I have had a rather tumultuous relationship with Japan this time around, however, I feel it is a relationship I will never really leave. This place, despite it's many frustrating (for me) aspects, still has a lot to offer and the ability, I believe, to keep me interested for a very long time. Sounds like the perfect love affair.

Today was a brief reminder of the many endearing and inspiring qualities this place possesses, and a reminder of why I keep coming back to Japan. I will miss it when I leave.

A cockroach just crawled across the tatami floor of the apartment. A reminder of a contrary nature. And a sign that Summer is upon us. Perhaps I am leaving at a good time.

Tomorrow I plan to say farewell, for the time being, to Kyoto.

Emotions are running quite high at the moment.

This has been quite a journey.

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