Monday, May 31, 2010

RIP Dennis Hopper

I was saddened yesterday, when I heard that Dennis Hopper had given his final performance. To many, he was one of my more unexplainable crushes in my late teens and early twenties... but those who knew me well, and appreciated his work, understood why.

He was intelligent, charming, mysterious, alluring, passionate and talented... at least that's what he projected as a figure in the public eye.

Sure, he had his demons... don't we all? In film he played crazy and bad to perfection, but he had the versatility to play a great 'funny guy'.

Above and beyond a fantastic career as an actor and director, Hopper was also rather fascinating to me because of his passion for art. Though probably better known for his photography, he was also a painter, poet and sculptor, as well as an avid art collector, who possessed works by artists such as Basquiat, Warhol and Schnabel.

To me he was rather inspiring.

Rest in peace 'Mad Dog'. x

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