Friday, May 28, 2010

Home is Where the Art is... sometimes

My flight from Perth arrived in Melbourne just after 10:30 on Monday night. C picked me up from the airport and we got home around midnight.

It took me a while to fall asleep, despite being dog tired and xanaxed. Once I did, I slept until close to midday.

I didn't do any shopping whilst away, all I brought back with me was a cold, but I certainly enjoyed catching up with some old friends in Perth; some I had not seen for over 10 years. It always amazes me how you can often reacquaint with someone from your past, know nothing or very little about the last 10 or so years of their life, but feel totally comfortable in their presence and converse like it was only yesterday or last week that you last hung out. It's a nice thing, and somewhat comforting when you are in a new, strange or foreign city, away from home and it's comforts.

Speaking of home, it was nice to come back. Whilst I enjoyed Perth, I was more than ready to come home on Monday. Five days was more than sufficient. I was not there as a tourist, nor to see any sights or sites, nor was I there for a cultural experience, I simply went over there for the exhibition opening and to actually, and finally, see the gallery my work has been, and is being, exhibited in. Catching up with a handful of lovely people was a bonus, and certainly made my visit to the West far more enjoyable.

I returned a little exhausted but full of fresh ideas to blend with some older ones for a new body of work. There is a part of me that can't wait to get started - to head back into the studio and get busy painting... but there is another part of me, right now, that just cannot be bothered - not just yet. Partly, I suppose, due to having this cold and feeling a little run down, but other than working Wednesday and Thursday, I have very much enjoyed a couple of days doing pretty much NOTHING. I'd be bored if the nothingness were to continue for too long, but there is no chance of that happening with everything that needs to be done... but for today, it suits me JUST FINE!

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Shell said...

I love coming home after time away...makes me see everything anew! There's no place like home. Funny thing...we have very similar blog post titles on our most recent posts...haha!