Sunday, March 09, 2008

Canned Heat

I am struggling with the heat today.

Sometimes I find I have more energy on hot days - but today I am finding the heat oppressive. It is affecting my work and my time in the studio. It is battling with my creative productivity and it is winning today. As I tried to stitch into my canvas I felt like my hands were melting.

I sat on the couch to eat lunch and ended up falling asleep. When I awoke it took me some time to drag myself off the couch and back into the studio. I attempted again to work on a canvas but found myself back on the couch.

I don't even think it is actually that hot today, but for some reason I am feeling it to its full intensity and it is causing me to feel incredibly lethargic. Admittedly I have not had a great nights sleep in some time, and I have never professed to being a Summer or hot weather person but this feels somewhat extreme for me... and apparently the coming week is going to be even warmer.

It's a waste of time feeling like this. I am going to go to Bunnings and buy a fan tomorrow.

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Kim said...

I couldn't stand the heat without a fan! I can sure appreciate your decision to purchase one! Here in the US we have so much humidity the summer is intolerable without air conditioning (in fact, acrylic paint would take forever to dry without it). So I completely understand.

You are going to love the fan!