Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Annual reflection ( and a delayed one too )

Gosh. You abandon your blog for almost a year and a half and when you (try to) come back to it, you experience all sorts of log in problems and realise that dozens of photos have disappeared.

It's time for my annual reflection… I missed posting it last year - despite taking the photo for it. So, I will post photos for both last year and this year. Somehow, I will also attempt to repost all the photos I have lost.

I am usually one for saying "thank goodness that year is over and here's to a new one", however, this year, I have to admit, has been a most enjoyable one (on a personal level) - mostly due to one particular person coming into my life.

Coming out of a five and a half year relationship, (as I did in October 2012), is never an easy transition. I have to say however, not only do I believe that I have found the most wonderful person to share my life and love with, but I am also very lucky to be able to admit that I have a wonderful ex-partner who has made the transition so much easier with his support and understanding. We have both moved on and have found happiness with wonderful people and I am truly grateful for the love we have both found and for the respect we have shown each other through all of the changes that have taken place.

I'm becoming less and less a fan of new years resolutions - mostly through fear that I will only let myself down - however! - having moved into a more literary realm, I really must try to rekindle my semantic relationship with this blog. So here's hoping for more regular posts in 2014.

Happy new year to anyone who may read this. May 2014 bring you an abundance of good stuff!



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