Sunday, June 19, 2011

Re-Acquainting with an old love...

I have recently rediscovered, or should I say re-ignited, my passion for the pen!

When I first started exhibiting my art, many moons ago, I started with only pen and ink works and pieces done with pencil/graphite. I did not graduate to acrylics until I was in the second half of my twenties - and since then (for over ten years!), acrylic has been the dominant medium in my work.

I have experimented with different styles, but having such a grounding in graphic design and illustration, and being a control freak with my brush, my work has always come back to fine lines and intricate detail. The pen allows one to master these things with ease... all that is then needed is patience... and (free) time! If only I had more of the latter!

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