Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On the Road Again...

I returned home late this afternoon from my 5th and 6th day off in 11 weeks, and the first two consecutive days off in over 3 months. My head and a piece of my heart told me to take the opportunity to get back into the studio and start planning some works for my 2011 exhibitions... a greater piece of my heart told me to get in the car and drive... and keep driving until I reach my parents place, just over the border, in New South Wales - so I did just that.

Although it was just a two day trip it felt longer. Partly due to the fact that Tuesday felt like Summer and today was on par with a stormy Winter's day, and partly because I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a proper 'weekend' - a whole TWO DAYS to do whatever I choose.

I chose wisely.

It just so happened that my 5th day off in 11 weeks fell on the 5th of October, which is my mother's birthday. I informed my father of my planned trip, but my mother had no idea, so the surprise made it even more worthwhile.

I was the last to leave my parent's house this morning, and as I did, I was overcome by a sudden wave of emotion that took me a little by surprise. It was quite short lived but did leave some residual impact. I must make time to visit again soon.

Driving back today, I decided to take the long way home and stopped off in Bendigo, and again in Castlemaine, taking advantage of the fact that there was no set agenda for the day.

The past two days were a reminder... to slow down occasionally and smell the roses... the flowers... or even the rain.

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