Monday, December 14, 2009

On The Road... Again.

Food and Desire - Conflict 1 (above) has been selected for and is now hanging in the Prospect Portrait Prize in South Australia's Prospect Gallery.

It can be voted for it in the People's Choice Award here.

This piece was also recently a finalist in the 2009 Corangamarah Art Prize, and also, as previously posted, in the 2008 Kilgour Art Prize.

This piece is part of a body of work titled 'Food and Desire', and to me, these works tell more than just the story of my personal battle of wills. Each piece in the series explores the conflicting interests between the somewhat mundane necessity and creative passion, ( also a necessity), and how one must feed the other, as well as the frustration along the way - the 'fight' to create.

This piece visually narrates the conflict of my everyday world and the means in which I need to meet to be able to paint, as well as the NEED to paint. It also explores the mysteries and emotions of the, (my), two personas involved in this ongoing conflict.


Shell said...

Oooh, congratulations! And good luck too!

Simone Maynard said...

thank you.