Friday, October 02, 2009

My New Models

I finally managed to fit in a visit to my parents a couple of weeks ago. It was so lovely to see them and despite my mother still coming to terms with the passing of her father, the visit was a reassuring and comforting one.

On hearing my new ideas my grandmother had given my mother a gorgeous set of matryoshka dolls to give to me. The face on the doll reminds me of my mother and is now the model behind the first work in what I imagine will be quite a large series.

I am beginning to feel that anxiety I get when I am overwhelmed with new ideas and don't know where to start. Some weird sort of panic sets in, perhaps a fear that I may not get to bring all the ideas to fruition. I do hope I can. This body of work will be, in fact it already is, so very important to me.


S. said...

Simone, remeber there is a solid doll within the dolls. Love your work!

Cat said...

These are so beautiful.
Paint paint paint.