Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 34 (1 Down, 15 to Go)

The first session of bootcamp yesterday morning was hard, but despite the body aches and exhaustion it is somehow managing to motivate me. I never realised it would be such an emotional experience.
8 weeks of this. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:50am. Thursday will hurt.

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Sexy Loser said...

I had a GREAT BIG walk the other day. UP the hill, DOWN the hill, with the pram, with the little Tori in situ. And the next day as I walked through the almost empty shopping centre to Coles, I pondered that wonderful feeling of muscle ache in my legs, and thought "Something good is happening". At that very moment, I looked up and my gaze landed on a sign hanging in the closed butchers shop, it read 'Pork Legs'...a vision, a sign, an omen? I laughed to myself. I love these moments.
Boot camp sounds awful yet great. Keep it up.