Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blog and Block

I have a water logged ear. It's been blocked since Tuesday morning. It's now Thursday evening and still no change of tide in the canal. It's annoying but not unbearable. I dare say I will have to have it looked at if it stays like this for longer than another 24 hour period. Just when I think it's going to go 'pop' and make that sound of water draining somewhere into or out of my head, it remains stagnant. I can only imagine how nice it will feel when the water 'breaks'.

And all because I went to the gym, (+pool), for the first time in around 6 months - that'll teach me for wanting to get fit! Now I truly know why I no longer make new years resolutions.

Is this all I have to blog about? Pretty much yes. I dedicated a good 70+ hours to work last week - unfortunately none of it was of the artistic kind - hence I've really not much inspiration to ramble on about anything much.

It's getting closer to our house moving date and I am getting a little excited at the prospect of setting up a new studio space. I've a feeling I may not paint until then which will be hard in the short term - but possibly all worth it in the long run. It's almost time for me to start packing my art materials and all other possessions into cardboard boxes anyway.

Moving house is a big thing in a number of ways. Sometimes it's not always desirable or positive - but in this instance, for me, it is both.

On the subject of art however... or subjective art perhaps - this article on the front page of The Age caught my eye today. I am too tired right now to express any thoughts on the matter but it is something I may come back to at some point. Or not.

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sammiam said...

hey chick, you're welcome to plonk your art bits here at my house and use my studio whenever you want. you may feel the need to wear more than nickers and a singlet though....