Monday, December 08, 2008

Work in Progress

Life is a work in progress is it not?

Often as unpredictable as the next painting.

It's 7:48pm. I want to paint but know that I won't pick up a brush before tomorrow's sunrise. I have left it too late in the day to begin working in the studio. The moment of peak inspiration and maximum motivation has passed for this 24 hour period. Sad really.

It's already been too long.

The fact that it's 7:51pm should not matter. There are no excuses. Not even long hours working in another job is an excuse.

I am perhaps just all lacklustre.

There is a lot to do before we move in February, and whilst just the thought of that is exhausting, I am very much looking forward to a new space not only in which to paint, but also to live and begin a new chapter in this 'work in progress' known as life.

It will be nice to have an area exclusively for my art/painting. A space that need not be packed up or dismantled. One I can make a mess in and not have to worry about it. I believe that alone will enhance my motivation and feed my desire. It will also be interesting to see how a new space effects the subject matter, style or content of my work, or even the size.

Will I see myself closer to attaining that seemingly unachievable yet always desirable thing called 'balance'?

One can dream can't they? Or at least remain ever hopeful. Regardless of what they wish for.


Kim said...

...and when you dream hard enough, I think those dreams do come true!

It sounds as though you are going to have a great studio of your dreams, Simone. My space is tiny and crowded, but I can close the door on it and the world if I choose...that is very nice. You deserve a studio space and have worked very hard for it, too. Congratulations on achieving this for yourself.

You are right, life is a creative process and you have to follow the muse.

This is a great post.


Mona said...

Great photo...but I feel that I have just been caught peering through the keyhole.
Your new dog looks a character, my old feller is very much on the way out unfortunately. A X of blue-heeler, doberman and rottweiler who is the biggest softy but at 16 has to take everything very easily.

samm said...

ah, the perfect work space... mine is an old single garage, attached to the laundry and is chokkas full of stuff.... it's mine though and as you say, there is no need to clean up, you can just walk straight back in whenever and nothing will have moved - unless of course you have a wayward cat like mine who loves to jump into everything and roll around on watercolour paper....

luigi said...

work in progress...