Friday, November 07, 2008

A Small Bite

I'm a little full of random thoughts lately as opposed to focusing in on any particular thing. Not that multi-tasking/function is rare, especially inside my head but I am possibly a little more scattered and sporadic than usual.

The delight for me is that despite being incredibly busy, I am still noticing little things like a sparrow desperately pecking at some fluorescent pink bubble gum that had been squished into the cement footpath. I curiously admired his persistence and determination as I carried two chai teas to meet C for a short break. I wondered what the attraction was to the gum. Was it the colour? The flavour? Or was the sparrow just into challenging itself? I thought for a minute - 'sweet tooth'? Then realised such an expression could not be used for a creature with no teeth. Sweet beak. My thoughts became a whole bunch of random nonsense but it was kind of nice. It even made me smile.

Even just now, as I poured myself a celebratory glass of red wine - (I got news of my first New York sale today) - I wondered to myself, do people still pour a standard size glass of wine when pouring for themselves at home? As insignificant as that this thought was it once again allowed me to be amused by my mind.

I automatically poured myself a standard glass.

I raise my glass today to Andrew Michael Ford in New York. He has been so wonderful to work with since inviting me to be part of In the Language of Angels and has restored a lot of faith that had recently been lost - not in me, but in others - and for that, I am very thankful.


Mona said...

Congrats on the NY sale. Laughing Lenny def tomorrow...t

Eric Orchard said...

Beautiful, amazing work! Congratulations on your NY sale.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sale Simone, that's wonderful news! I'm really excited for you. Do you know who the buyer is? Do you know where your work will hang? It's a delight to think your painting will be hanging in a home/apartment in fabulous NYC!! I'm so proud of you. Love Karyn xxx

Kim said...

Hi Simone,

Congratulations to be sure! You absolutely work hard and deserve all of this!

(if it matters to you, there is an award for you at my blog)