Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Sort of Homecoming

Home. Or at least in Melbourne. Where or what is home really?

I arrived in Melbourne on Sunday and it felt rather odd to be back here. Although I had only been away for 2 months, living in Osaka has had quite an impact on me. Having said that, in other ways, it felt almost I had dreamt the whole thing and the only reminder of reality were the two 100 yen coins on the dresser next to the bed.

I delivered my paintings to Jackman Gallery today, after finishing the final one on the evening I arrived home. I was a bit nervous about having them stretched in case any got damaged, not having painted on unstretched canvas before. However, I was pleased with the final outcome and happy to have been able to find someone who could do the job in such a short turn around, and for less than half the price I was originally quoted by another framer.

I feel a slight sense of relief and also one of achievement. It's been a very hectic past few months.


sue beyer said...

they look fantastic!! good luck with the show.

Karyn said...


Sometimes I too feel like a piece of paper, identifiable only by my name inscribed upon it, my only stability a scrap of sticky tape holding me to where ever might be my home.

Otherwise, riding the wind.