Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poems and Palettes

As I sat painting on Tuesday morning my partner sat writing. It is nice to see him getting back into his world of words; his passion.

He wrote as he watched me paint and listened to me asking myself questions, at times directing them his way, not necessarily expecting any answers.

His response came in the form of prose as he read this to me...

She is painting
Mixing colours

Will I have pink lips or red lips?

Questions like these are such a pleasure

On a hot day

In January

Of course I don’t answer

Straight away

Give it time

My old head tells me

No sense jumping into anything

No sense making a mess

Of such a beautiful day

Are those ones pink?

I point to a completed piece

With a hint of disbelief

Can’t you tell?

I ended up going with pink, but I am still not entirely sure they will stay that colour. They may change yet.

I dyed my hair black this morning, in order to closer resemble my image on canvas, well, partly...and partly because I enjoy having black hair. I have dyed it on a regular basis since the age of 14.

I was born with a mop of jet black hair, but it all fell out, then grew back much fairer.

I think I am happier with black hair.
Now I just have to decide on the lips.

Choice. It's all about choice.

1 comment:

Shell said...

Awww, how nice to share in creative pursuits with your partner. Wow, he's quite the writer - that poem is beautiful.

I used to have black hair too - but I'm already getting greys and the few stray white roots I had looked really obvious - now I'm a dark shade of brown (more my natural colour), and I do my roots ever 3 weeks - argh!

This painting looks great - that is a tiny brush you are using there!

Oh, and happy new year!